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The best laid plans…oft go awry

Part 3 (the final installment) of Charlie and the Magical History Tour (Part 1:; Part 2: This blog post was supposed to be about how developing friendships through Charles Shaughnessy led to a group of people I met … Continue reading

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Performance Review: Professor Henry Higgins

Part 2 of “Charlie and the Magical History Tour” ( If you want to read a traditional theatrical review of “My Fair Lady,” I strongly suggest reading Jeannie Waters’s blog review at the following link:, or any of the … Continue reading

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Charlie and the Magical History Tour

Part 1 of 3…with the demise of soaps, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a serial…. Last summer, I finally got around to doing something I had wanted to do for years–spend time visiting historic sites.  The purpose … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from the Road

For the next two weeks, I will be on the road…and then return home briefly before hitting the road again (but that adventure will be the subject of another blog).   Of course, this means that I am now learning some … Continue reading

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