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One more sticker added to the board because of the work of a student who decided that an exam that earned a 72 last year was better than anything he could have written…despite the requirement that students answer the questions “in their own words.” Still, the students continued to be creative in their responses, often causing me to burst out in laughter when reading their answers. Again, the responses have not been edited for grammar or spelling.

First, the slaves were needed to help bring in money to support the economics because the North on one side of it needed the slaves for industrial jobs, while the south needed them to work on the plantations and be farmers to grow crops that could be sold for profit.  Without either of these two jobs being completed by the slaves many peoples lively hoods would of changed drastically because there would be no income or money to support their families.

John B. Cannon felt like he did not have the power to do anything to help the South, so South Carolina succeeded.  This then led to the No Experience Compromise on the political side.

Slavery was the main reason why Reconstruction ended.

The Mexican War happened between Texas and the Spanish (who currently controlled Texas at this time).

A third event that caused the collapse were the cultural differences between the sections because the North wanted to be free and celebrate things in their own ways with their own songs and traditions, while the South also wanted to be free, but they weren’t and they had celebrated with their own songs and traditions and also tried to escape to the North at night by following the North Star.

As a disarray of stress, the fusion of slave law allowed African Americans to be sent solely on evidence of being their owners.

There were many people who were involved with the freedom of slaves such as Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and many others who helped the slaves by having a safe house.

Since everyone was buying slaves in the south and using them on their plantations, it didn’t give any of them initiative to go out and get a job.

Finally, the westward expansion had a great impact on the 1840’s.  President Thomas Jefferson declared his two personal secretaries Lewis and Clark to explore the rivers as far as the Pacific Ocean.  In the year 1803, Lewis and Clark explored as far as the Missouri and Columbus rivers to the Pacific Ocean.  In 1806, both returned from their expedition to the southern border of the Louisiana territory.  Most importantly, Zebulon Pike, a friend of Lewis and Clark decided to depart from the two.  He realized from a report in 1810, that the Great Plains was an inhabitable place.  Due to these factors, it impacted the Civil war greatly.

Slavery is ranked a close second because it was in fact the needle that broke the camel’s back, but not the true goal.

The Cavaliers, who were the Northern people, and the Puritans, who were the Southern people did not agree on the same culture.  The Southern people were Mormons.  The Mormons were found by a guy named Joseph Smith Jr., who had a vision while in the woods that told him that all the other religions were evil.

Emancipation Proclamation- Lincoln wanted to free all slaves. Which lead to states leaving the union, so that they could keep slavery. It leads to Lincoln being shot.

Harriet Beecher Stowe was the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and a slave herself who tried to escape to the North and did.  She wrote in the book about how bad the slaves were treated and that most of them tried to escape to the north to start a better life and many did escape, but some of them got caught and had to be returned to the South for punishment from their masters.

Harriet Beecher Stowe- She was a highly respective teacher. She also wrote a book about, women were suited for teaching children. Because of her they are women school teachers today.  (actually, this was Catharine Beecher, Harriet’s sister)

Harriet Beecher Stowe:  She was attacked by the Fugitive Slave Law when she was forty-one years of age.  She was a slaveholder in Ohio, where she learned about the different elements of slavery.

Harriet Beecher Stowe:  Harriet was the author of prolific book Uncle Tom’s Kitchen.

The anaconda plan was designed by the General in Chief Winfield Scott and was put into place by President Lincoln. The goal of the plan was to squeeze the Confederacy into submission like the anaconda does it’s pray. The design of the plan had three main coils. The first of them was to block all of the nasal passages throughout the south so that foreign aid would not be a factor in the war.

Another part of the compromise of 1850 for the South was Popular Sovereignty in the New Mexico and Utah territories, by Steven Douglas and Milord Fillmore.

The Compromise of 1850 was trying to figure out if slaves in California and Mexico should be legal or not.  Slave trade was over in Columbia they paid Texas for the land, and Texas took the money and gave up the land.

Compromise of 1850:  The compromise was split into things for the North and things for the South.  When it comes to the North, Tyler said that each portion, the North and the South, should develop their own rules when it came to slavery.  This is because Tyler knew that slavery wouldn’t be able to survive because the land was not suitable enough to grow crops that slavery would be needed; this happened in 1849.  In 1850, California tried to declare themselves as a free state.  However, they were denied this because in order to add a free state you must also add a slave state.  D.C. had already declared themselves as a free state.

Donner-Reed Party:  Group of settlers that traveled along the Oregon Trail to reach California.  They faced hardships that killed almost half of the people that traveled along the way.  The significance of this was that it promoted western expansion to several others in the US.

The Donor Reed party would of never happen if there was no expansion.

Donner-Reed Party – This is the Donner family and the Reed family who are both setting out to make their way to California and be part of the westward expansion.  These two parties, however, experience far more than any other families.  Not only are they forced to go through worse conditions, but they do not make it out of the mountains before the snow hits.  I will not go into great detail because it makes me sick thinking about it, but this party is an example of what it was like to move their lives somewhere else.  Today, we can just get in our vehicles and drive.  We do not have to stop and rest oxen and we are not openly subjected to rain, snow, wind, or any other harsh weather conditions.  What they thought was going to be better for their families turned out to be the complete opposite.

The Donner party isn’t a very good example of happy travel.

The Dred Scott decision demanded the reconstruction of state laws after the civil war because so many questions were raised about rights and morality of laws post-war.  It also denied citizenship to African Americans.  This denial of citizenship to the now free blacks in America set the stage for future revolt from the blacks about equal rights.

Ku Klux Klan:  It is a social club that was developed by white southern people that resisted the reconstruction of slavery.  They wanted to intimate the republicans who that they would allow the democrats to hold political positions again.

The Ku Klux Klan also was started in the South before the Civil War.

Ku Klux Klan:  The historical significance of this group is that they created a more organized opposition to the anti-slavery movement.  This also indirectly strengthened the anti-slavery movement through people’s dislike for the KKK themselves.

Charles Sumner gave a speech regarding a possibility he had heard that Kansas becoming a slave state.  In which, Andrew Butler disagreed.  Much conflict resulted over this, even violence.

Charles Sumner:  The historical significance of Charles Sumner is that he was an anti-slavery advocate even before the civil war.  Historically, he became an important political figure, through his advocacy and that he had an important voice in the impeachment of Andrew Jackson.

American Colonization Society:  This was established for the two groups.  Each group had their own opinion on slavery one wanted to abolish it and free the slaves and the other wanted to send them back to Africa.  They wanted to get rid of the slaves because they felt that blacks would never be able to live with the white people.

Homestead Act:  In 1862, the Confederate Congress created an act that provided any citizen who never fought in war could receive land from the government.  Those who received the land had to improve the land and make it profitable.  After five years, the land was theirs.  The act did not help the poor because they often could not afford to provide equipment for farming and the upkeep.  Citizens began to claim that the rich were safe from war and poverty while the poor risked their lives with no money, war, and poverty.

The Homestead Act was the result of the War Between the States and it was where Congress passed a law that said that slaves could be free and that African American men were allowed to vote, even if they were previously enslaved or not.

The Wilmot Proviso ended slavery in any areas that Mexico gained during the war.

Wilmot Proviso:  was an amendment that forbade slavery in any territory owned by Mexico.  Didn’t want Mexico getting involved with the American problems.

David Proviso a Pennsylvania democrat Introduced a amendment called the William Proviso, to a war appropriations bill.  This amendment would for bade any territory acquired from Mexico.  Only thing wrong was that people didn’t think that free labor could out perform slave labor and the presence of a slave would make it easier on the white man because they wouldn’t have to do the work.  But this amendment wasn’t passed of course because southerners thought the opposed amendment was treason to the U.S. constitution.

Harpers Ferry:  James Brown went to Blue Ridge Mountains in hopes to return there after freeing many slaves, in short he lost his life by being sentences as guilty, with murder and treason charges.

And finally, one from Historical Methods:

Question on Exam: When was this law passed by the State Assembly?

Student Answer: Yes.


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  1. Dan says:

    you have to wonder if people do this on purpose… you also have to wonder just what is going on in high school. I like years ago when i did social studies at mansfield high school… “explain the main causes of the civil war.” “the civil war started when the confederates fired the shot heard round the world” and “in what three states is yellowstone located?” “yellowstone is in nebraska, tennessee, and maine”. does this kind of thing happen at harvard or brown?

  2. Karen says:

    One benefit of supervising student teachers is that I get to see how they are teaching (and learning) in the secondary school–and, unfortunately, in some ways these answers don’t surprise me. I doubt that it happens at Harvard or Brown…but I do know it happened at the University of Houston when I was a teaching assistant there (only in a couple of instances the students weren’t revisionist, but the teaching assistants were). I’ll never forget the one day I sat and listened to the one TA talking about the Monroe Doctrine and saying something about what Mr. Doctrine did; I had to leave the room before I laughed in her face.

  3. I can attest to it happening at the University of Wisconsin. How can students lack both listening and reading comprehension skills? Is there any other way of teaching? Do we need to draw them a picture, or just show movies? Do we lower our expectations and curve the grade to the student who makes the least mistakes or fail them all? Okay, I need to stop before I give up on humanity.

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