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This semester has proven to be quite an adventure.  From teaching the first month with my left arm in a sling to students arguing with me over my requirements, I’m ready for a break.  On the plus side, 36 students between the two U.S. History since 1877 sections remembered the name of the elephant that was electrocuted in the Coney Island video (Topsy), and nine remembered what Charles Shaughnessy talked about in the immigration lecture (why he became a naturalized citizen–although 34 attempted it, with some rather amusing responses).

In any case, this blog will be a combination of student exam answers on the final exams (and yes, these are all from take home exams), along with a few curious sentences submitted in book reviews and research papers graded since the last blog.  As a reminder, it is recommended that you not have liquid in your mouth when reading some of these.

Book Reviews:  History of Pennsylvania

Beverly C. Tomek, an instructor of history at Wharton County Junior College and a resident lecturer at the University of Houston-Victoria, makes acknowledgments of her sources via superscript numerals. These numerals are representative of her many references in her reference list.

However, when Nixon got reelected in 1972 it was with him winning Pennsylvania over into a Republican state once again.  This victory was not long lived.  Carter would end up stealing Pennsylvania back for the Democrats.  Only to lose the state to Nixon, Republicans, for the next two following elections.

Research Papers:  History of Pennsylvania

The speech giver also commanded the Sachamakans to love and respect the Christians (English), and, to live in peach with them, as well.

Although they all had the same uniform, the uniforms were not made for the American climate.  They were made for the British climate which is different from the American climate.  The climate in America was a lot colder than the British Army were costumed to.

The Pittsburgh Pirates played their games on the muddy and often dissertated Forbes Field.

From final exams:

United States History since 1877 (on campus)

Enemies List was a list that Nixon had who he said was part of the burglaries. The people on the enemies list would be accused of being the burglars and doing the phone tapping that went on in the white house.

The whites that were rich have slaves that came from poor families. This was a way for the slaves to get money to feed their family at home. Most rich white families treated their slaves badly while some treated theirs better because they came from a family that had a slave take care of them and know the hardships of slaves. The families that treated their slaves bad, really treated them bad. If they did one thing wrong, they were fired. Blacks were really harassed in the 1950’s which lead to the rebirth of the civil rights movement. Since blacks were decriminated against, they could barely do anything.

Mercury 7:  The 1st group of astronauts the would try to go to the moon, but the space shuttle didn’t make it.

The elephants name in Coney Island was big.  They killed the elephant by electing him.

The Space Race encouraged programs that dealt with education because NASA needed more people to help in the Space Race.  The Vietnam War created programs to help those in poverty because of the war, also it created programs for young people so that could play a part in helping with the war.

25th Amendment—was that if the president was to die well still in the presidency, then the vise presidents have to talk over.

In 1951, a man tried to sue the state of Arizona for making his daughter walk across town to go to school when there was an all-white school close to her house.  This case is known as Topeka v. Kansas.  Another famous court case was Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 that overturned the separate but equal clause.

Cars were being used as taxes to commute African Americans to where they needed to be.

Kennedy had not been very successful with his programs, probably due to the fact that Kennedy was a democrat and the Republicans controlled Congress.

The Peace Corps are a volunteer program that is funded by the government.  It was created in 1961.  Its goal was to help promote peace.  It is significant because this program has helped countless people since it was started and will continue to help people as it continues on.

The final war that occurred was Vietnam.  This was not a US war but we offered our help to South Korea.  This war occurred during the 60’s.  The president however slowly withdrew troops so that South Korea could fight their war for themselves.

Hoover soon became the black sheep of the nation with the small towns of unemployed and homeless of the decade becoming known as Hoovervilles.  Thankfully the savior appeared in Franklin Roosevelt who planned on making legislation like the bank holiday and job opportunities like the CCC to get us out of the plague.

United States History since 1877 (online)

White Citizens Council- This was a white supremists organization. They were known for their opposition racial serration.

Black Panthers- the black panthers were an organization of black-armed socialites that came from urban ghettos. They exerted a powerful and positive influence upon civil rights movement for African Americans.

When Kennedy was president he had tried putting different bills through congress to stop segregation and discrimination in the south, but the bills kept getting vetoed in congress.

In 1960, twenty percent of the population was considered poo.

In 1951, a man tried to sue the state of Arizona for making his daughter walk across town to go to school when there was an all white school close to her house. This case is known as Topeka v Kansas. Another famous court case was Brown v Board of Education in 1954 that upheld the separate but equal clause.

Enemies List- The enemies list was basically just a long list of people that President Nixon believed to be against him.  There were many people on this list such as Daniel Schorr who actually got a copy of the list.  The point of the list was that President Nixon did not like some things such as tax audits therefore he wanted them changed.

World War II and the nazi movement aided the realization in the flaws in our nations claimed “democracy” and influenced the need for change.

White citizens council:  These councils were first associated with the Brown vs board of education decision that classrooms were not to be segregated anymore. They were initially created to oppose integration.

One of the great programs that suffered because of the Vietnamese conflict was the Peace Corps.  This was partially because more money was needed to fund the war.  It was also because fewer people were interested in the Peace Corps because of government distrust resulting from the fact that the United States was involved in the Vietnam War.  Fewer people signed up so it lost funding.

Ralph Nader- After the September 11th terrorist attacks the people of our nation decided to take some of their anger out on Muslim Americans. Ralph Nader who was a consumer advocate, was one of our countries prominent political figures who was Muslim American.

Vietnamization: Nixon’s secret plan to end the Korean War.

Ralph Nador- He was a Senator during the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. He was American but he had Arabian ancestry. During this time, many individuals time when people attacked Arabs and Muslims and some other religions because of the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon that killed so many Americans. Many people felt that every Arab and Muslim was the same even if they were born in America.

25Th amendment was brought into existence because of the passing and assignation of presidents taking place. This simply gave a procedure to follow in the event that a president or vice president died. The idea was to cut down on confusion and to always have the position filled.

Peace Corps: An idea developed by JFK produced an organization in which supplied somewhat of an escape route for being drafted. An individual had the ability to experience worldly culture by traveling and representing the U.S. as some sort of diplomat or ambassador and performing a specialty. Its purpose entitled assistance and a mutual understanding of cultures domestic and international.

History of Pennsylvania

These confrontations led to strikes within the workforce; for example, the great strike, the homestead strike, and the anthracite strike.  One of the most popular being the Anthracite strike in which The Molly Maguire’s had a huge impact on.

Lattimer Massacre:  The massacre occurred outside of Hazleton.  It involved foreign miners going on strike.  In turn, the mine owners formed a commando with the sheriff.  The commando immediately opened fire on the strikers.

Have a great summer…and, because of the sabbatical in the fall, there won’t be any entries until next spring.


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